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Banquet and catering are available.
Prawn with Tofu $14.00
Prawns with silken tofu and mushrooms in a savory gravy
Prawn with Assorted Vegetables $14.00
Sautéed Prawns in light sauce with seasonal vegetables
Prawn with Cashew Nuts $14.00
Prawns and diced water chestnuts sautéed in a lightly seasoned brown sauce
Prawn with Sizzling Rice $16.00
Prawns sautéed with mushrooms, snow peas and water chestnuts poured over sizzling rice crust
Prawn with Chinese Pea Pods $14.00
Prawns with snow peas and sliced water chestnuts sautéed with lightly seasoned sauce
Prawn in Lobster Sauce $14.00
Stir fried prawns in savory gravy with eggs, mushrooms and water chestnuts
Prawn with Asparagus $15.00
Prawns with fresh asparagus sautéed in a savory clear sauce
Walnut Prawn $16.00
Prawns tossed in a creamy sauce with candied walnuts. Pair it with a spicy dish for the perfect combination
Prawn with Mango $15.00
Prawns sautéed with fresh mangos and bell peppers in a light seasoned clear sauce
Scallops with Oyster Sauce $16.00
Scallops and fresh broccoli sautéed with brown oyster sauce
Scallops with Chinese Pea Pods $16.00
Fresh Scallops and snow peas sautéed in a light clear sauce
Scallops with Asparagus $16.00
Scallops with asparagus sautéed with a savory light sauce
Scallops with Mango $16.00
Scallops sautéed with mangos and bell peppers in a light sauce
Seafood Sizzling Rice $16.00
Prawns, scallops, snow peas and mushrooms sautéed in a savory brown sauce over sizzling rice crust
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