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Banquet and catering are available.
Chicken in Peking Sauce $12.00
Tender chicken cubes sautéed with water chestnuts, mushrooms and bell peppers topped with dark brown sauce
Cashew Nuts Chicken $12.00
Marinated chicken cubes, cashew nuts, diced water chestnuts stir fried with lightly seasoned brown sauce
Sliced Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $13.00
Tender sliced chicken sautéed with fresh snow peas, black beans and water chestnuts over lightly seasoned sauce
Lemon Chicken $12.00
Battered chicken breast, deep fried until crispy gold. Sliced and served with Jing Jing's sweet citrus sauce
Sweet and Sour Chicken $12.00
Deep fried chicken strips stir fried with pineapples, bell peppers and onions in sweet & sour sauce
Chicken with Mango $14.00
Sliced chicken sautéed with mangos and bell peppers over light sauce
Asparagus Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $14.00
Sliced chicken and fresh asparagus sautéed with mild black bean sauce
Tea Smoked Duck $18.50
Seasoned with Chinese spices, then tea smoked to a golden tan, and deep fried until crispy brown. Served with steamed buns (4) and plum sauce. (Extra bun 35¢ each)
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